About "Us"

Like any other wolfling, I was struggling with work and struggling with life, and probably still am. In all honesty, I live for my hobbies – CrossFit, climbing and gymming. Nothing feels better than attending a workout class feeling great with new activewear and coming home to some parcels after a bad day at work.

This cycle kept me motivated and gave me a purpose when I was a pretty jaded 9-5 day jobber. I hope that MOONWOLF will do the same for you – that you'll find joy and resilience in working out and feeling your best in good gear no matter how trying your life may be. 

And also, being my OCD, perfectionist self, each piece has been QC-ed thrice and carefully hand-packed so you will only receive the best pieces from each batch! 

Wolf A.

MOONWOLF Performance Athleisure

One long year was spent on researching and sourcing for premium quality fabrics and putting design ideas to fruition. Learn more about our fabrics and their unique qualities which proudly make them #performancefabrics.

  • Victor

    It will make you look real good..

    "I liked its perfect fit and cut. Stretchy and light yet doesn’t expose your stomach area when doing barbell exercises especially during the explosive extension while you pull the bar up to chest level when touches the tee. I would get another one."

    Performance Elite Tee 
  • KY

    Comfortable and great material

    "The material is awesome and sweat absorbent. Great for Singapore weather where u need to keep something warm while in mall and still able to stay cool in this top. Will get it again if there is sleeveless option."

    Korra Training Crop Tee 
  • Trivia

    Excellent material

    "Quality of the tight’s material exceeded my expectation! Falls nicely on the skin and breathable. The shade of green is also very flattering!"

    React Leggings